RIXEN > M70-L (LED Type)

Moisture Meter

EZ-angle for convenient operating and reading.
Ergonomic user friendly design of twin skid-proof rubber.

  • Multi-colors LED bar-graph readout.
  • 5.5% to 100% moisture range.
  • 0~1Vdc signal output.
  • Audible alert when value detected.
  • Built-in calibration function.
  • Sturdy and durable moisture probe.
  • CE and RoHS approved.
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  • No.7022
  • Roller Type Probe
  • m_70_3.jpg
  • No.7021
  • Pin Type Probe
Specifications of M70-L
Model No. M70-L
Measuring Range 5.5 to 100% H O %WME
Accuracy (at 25℃) ±1% wood scale
Indicator High resolution LED bar-graph readout
Signification of color-code Green(<16%)- Yellow - Red(>21%)
Signal output 0 ~ 1VDC, 10 mV / %
Calibration Auto. Temperature compensation
Built-in calibration adjustment.
Functions ※ Audible alert when value detected.
※ Low battery alarm
※ Automatic Shutdown
※ Changeable Moisture Probes.
※ CE and RoHS approved.
Power supply One 9V(006P) battery
Dimensions 153 × 56 × 32mm
Weight 145g(including battery
Accessories No.7021 ……Pin type extension probe
No.704M……...Protecting cap
No.701P/S..…..Replacement electrodes
No.765C……...Pouch case.
Instruction manual.

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice