OMEGA > Temperature


     열전대 Probes and Assemblies

  • Fine gage bare wire and insulated thermocouples
  • 열전대 probes with miniature or standard connectors
  • PFA teflon coated thermocouple probes
  • 고온용 열전대와 and exotic thermocouples
  • Transition joint probes
  • 특수시스템적용 열전대
  • 휴대형 열전대, 표면온도측정 probes
  • 휴대형 비접촉 적외선 probes
  • 산업용 열전대
  • 열전대 probes for plastic extruders  


    RTD Probes, Elements and   Assemblies

  • Quick disconnect RTD probes
  • 일반용 RTD probes
  • 편리한 probe 손잡이
  • 산업용 RTD probes
  • RTD elements with lead wires attached
  • 취부형 RTD sensor
  • RTD extension cable
  • Extruder RTD probes
  • HDX series handle probes
  • PFA teflon coated probes
  • 표면온도측정 RTD element
  • 고정도 특수목적 RTD probe
  • RTD elements       


   Thermistor Elements,Probes and   Assemblies

  • 고정도 thermistor element
  • THX-400 series quick disconnect probes
  • ON-400 series laboratory probes
  • 편리한 probe 손잡이
  • TJ thermistor probes
  • Environmental wall mount thermistor sensor
  • ON-900 series precision-interchangeable thermistor probe thermistor probes
  • Linear thermistor component and probes
  • OL-700 & THX-700 series linear thermistor probes
  • Solid state temperature


     Glass Bulb and Dial Temp Thermometers

  • ASTM certified glass 온도계
  • Yellow-Back laboratory glass 온도계
  • White-Back laboratory glass 온도계
  • 고정도 glass 온도계
  • 저가형 일반 glass 온도계
  • DialTemp pocket형 온도계
  • DialTemp stem형 온도계
  • DialTemp 표면온도계
  • Vapor and gas actuated 온도계


    Indicationg Labels, Crayons, Cements
  and Lacquers

  • Reversible temperature indicating labels
  • Non-reversible OMEGALABEL temperature labels
  • Temperature indicating tabs, crayons, lacquers and pellets
  • OMEGAPROBE temperature test kit
  • OMEGAMARKER temperature test kit
  • Melting point standards
  • Reversible humidity indicating cards
  • OMEGABOND high temperature cements and epoxies
  • Thermcoat cement and lacquer kit
  • Thermocouple assembly kit 



   열전대 Connector and Panel   Systems

  • Low-noise miniature and standard size thermocouple connectors
  • Miniature size thermocouple connectors and accessories
  • Universal thermocouple connectors
  • Standard size thermocouple connectors and accessories
  • 4-prong dual circuit thermocouple connectors with Molded-In Ferrite Cores
  • High temperature ceramic cores
  • 3-prong connectors and accessories
  • Thermocouple connector with analog output panel jacks
  • Multipin connectors
  • Multiconductor feedthroughs
  • Panel jack assemblies
  • 2 and 3 pole switches
  • Jack panel conduit boxes


   열전대 소선, RTD(측온저항체),   Thermistor, and  Heater Hook-up

  • Uninsulated fine gage thermocouple wire
  • Resistance heating wire
  • Ceramic sleeving and teflon tubing
  • Insulated, single strand thermocouple wire
  • 열전대 소선
  • Extension wire
  • extension wire
  • Wire overbraiding
  • extension cables
  • Multipair cables
  • super OMEGACLAD
  • Heater hook-up wire


   상대습도 측정계기

  • Combination handheld/benchtop RH and temperature meter
  • 휴대형 온, 습도계
  • 포켓트형 테스터
  • 습도, 온도습도 전송기 및 신호변환기
  • 습도발생기, dewpoint meters(응결점 측정기)
  • Chilled mirrors and calibrators
  • 습도분석계
  • 습도 조절기
  • 습도,온도, dewpoint 기록계
  • Wind and weather station, rain gauges NOMAD humidity
  • 습도,온도 dataloggers  


   적외선 온도측정계기

  • Supermeter multimeter/thermometer
  • OMEGASCOPE 휴대형 적외선 온도계
  • 휴대형 적외선 열전형대온도계
  • Pocket/stick-type infrared thermometers
  • Stick-type light meters
  • 휴대형 적외선 온도계
  • 적외선 측정 열전대
  • Fixed mount infrared thermometer/transmitters
  • 적외선온도 전송기
  • High temperature fiber optic thermometers sensors, polymer bolt systems
  • Fiber optic backlight source/high temperature blackbody calibrators


   고정도 Calibration Equipment and   Ice   Point Reference

  • Infrared blackbody calibrators
  • Ice point reference chambers
  • Thermocouple-to-analog converters
  • Cold junction compensation and Ice point reference equipment
  • Hot point dry block probe calibrators
  • Muffle furnaces
  • Fluidized sand bath probe calibrators
  • Circulating baths
  • Handheld/portable calibrators, simulators, analyzers
  • High precision benchtop calibrators, thermometers
  • Laboratory calibration kits  



    휴대형 온도측정계기

  • Supermeter DMM/thermometers with infrared measurement
  • OMEGASCOPE handheld scope multimeter/thermometers
  • Handheld thermometers
  • OMEGASAYS high performance talking multimeter/thermometers
  • Printing/logging handheld thermometers
  • High accuracy general purpose meter probes
  • Wind speed/temperature meters
  • Stick-type/pocket thermometers
  • Digital stem thermometers
  • Humidity/temperature benchtop meter
  • High performance fiber optic meter
  • DMM/thermometers  


    온도지시계 및 조절계

  • 프로그램형 지시계(multicolored displays)
  • 온도/프로세스 판넬계기
  • 적산계(Totalizer)
  • 대형표시기(Large displays)
  • Multi-input indicators and scanners
  • Benchtop meters
  • 현장취부형 지시계
  • Solar-powered and analog meter
  • Timers and counters     



  • Loop powered indicators
  • 소형 전송기
  • High isolation rugged transmitters
  • Smart and programmable transmitters
  • Modular transmitters
  • Thermocouple amplifiers
  • Alarm module and isolators
  • Ratio telemetry systems


   온도조절, 프로세스조절계 및 SCR   Devices

  • Autotune controllers with programmable multicolored display
  • 1/32 and 1/16 DIN autotune controllers
  • 1/8 DIN autotune controllers
  • Family series of autotune controllers
  • 1/4 DIN controllers
  • Benchtop and wallmount controllers
  • Multi-loop controllers
  • Limiter controllers
  • SCR's, SSR's contractors and power controllers
  • Temperature switches and low cost controllers



   General Test and Measurement   Instruments

  • Supermeter DMM/thermometer with infrared measurement
  • OMEGASCOPE handheld scope multimeter/thermometer
  • DIN rail mount conditioners
  • DMM/thermometer/relative humidity meter
  • OMEGASAYS high performance talking multimeter/thermometer
  • Digital multimeter
  • AC/DC current probes
  • Stick type portable megohmmeter
  • Stick type light meters
  • Handheld gauss meters
  • AC current transformers
  • AC current and voltage transducers
  • Voltage current and frequency panel meters