RIXEN > M-700

Multi-Function Moisture Meter

  • Built-in multi-functions.
  • Suitable different type of probes.
  • 8 type of wood calibrations scales.
  • Data-Hold, Max / Min.
  • Built-in calibration.
  • Easy to operate, Long-term stability.


Woods, Bamboos, Building materials, Apply a reference value to a moisture, levels for: Leather, Paper Soil, Ceramics, Medication, Powders, Cement...etc.

Specifications of M-700
Model No. M-700
Measurement range ( % WME) 5.5 ~ 99.9% (Digital LCD Display)
Accuracy (at 25℃) ±1% (difference as the testing materials.)
Resolution 0.1%
Operating Range -10 ~ +50℃ (with temp. compensated)
No. of wood calibration scales 8 (choose form “MODE” key)
Sampling rate Approx. 1 reading / Sec
Main Functions Auto/Manual turn off, Hold , Record Max / Min, Built-in Calibration,
Wood Calibration Scales, Low Battery warning.
Power Supply 9V Battery × 1 pc or AC Adaptor (option)
Battery Life Approx. 180 hours (continues)
Dimensions Meter 168 × 73 × 33mm (6.6 × 3.0 × 1.3 inch)
Probe L:120 mm, Cable: 1 meter (Twin pin type)
Weight Approx. 200g, (7.0 oz) including battery
Accessories Pin type moisture probe (No.7011)
Protecting cap (No.703M)
Latching carrying case (No.755C)
Operation manual (With wood calibration scales)

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice