Illuminance(LUX) Transmitter

  • Available with either current (4 to 20mA) or voltage output.
  • On-site, Two points calibration.(Zero and Span)
  • Weather resistant housing and prevents the trapping of water or dust.
  • Silicon photo sensor provide good match to light spectrum and long-term stability.
  • User selectable range in 0 ~ 200,000 LUX, with fine adjustment.
  • Mounts easily, Low cost.
Model :
LXT-401A......Current Output Type
Model :
LXT-401V......Voltage Output Type


Greenhouses, Agriculture, Animal / Poultry housing, Shade installations, Brightness-Dependent control of artificial light, Quality control, Building automation, Meteorology...etc

Specifications of LXT- 401
Model No. LXT- 401
Output Range 0…..200,000 LUX ? 0….20,000 FC
Three range selectable : 0 ~ 2,000 / 0 ~ 20,000 / 0 ~ 200,000 LUX
Output Signal LXT- 401A : 4...20mAdc Two wire
LXT- 401V : 0…1V, 0…2V, 0…5V, 0…10Vdc
Accuracy (at 25℃) ±3%(Test by standard incandescent lamp of 2856°K)
Sensitive Element Silicon photo sensor, with filter
Response Time (T90) Approx. 300ms
Fine Adjustment Zero and Span adjustable on each range by separated potentiometer.
Power Supply DC 9 ~ 32 V, >150mA
Ambient Temperature - 40 to + 65℃
Housing ABS Plastic watertight enclosure
Connection Cable Gland Watertight nylon gland, Cable bushing : 5~10mm cables
Shape Main transmitter: 90×54mm
Detector: 36.5- 72×56mm, Light Reception: 16mm
Cable of Remote Sensor Length: 2 meter, option length is available

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice

Specifications of LXT- 401
Model No. Descriptions
LXT-401AS luminance transmitter current output type, Senser separately
LXT-401VS luminance transmitter valtage output type, Senser separately