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Digital Stroboscope

Microprocessor Based Stroboscope (Tachometer) very suitable for use in inspecting and measuring the rotating wheel, fans, pumps, motors, grinders and practical equipment handling. It also be appliedfor general industrial maintenance, production, quality control, and laboratory or school flash principle teaching.

  • Digitize designing. Suitable for measuring rotational speed and observing stationary images.
  • Button operation, widely measurement range, and high accuracy
  • Automatic record the last speed value when the power is turned off.
  • Three complete setup memory storage.
  • Timer function: 1, 5, 10 minutes or sustained (DS-9000 only).
Model No. DS-9000 DS-3200 DS-2200 DS-1000
Products Image ds_9000.png ds-3200_2200.png ds_1000.png
Measurement Range 40.0~99,999 fpm 60.0~30,000 rpm 60.0~18,000 rpm 60.0~10,000 rpm
Resolution 0.1 rpm / fpm below 2,000
1 rpm / fpm below 2,000
Display 5-digit LED readout / High 10mm -
Accuracy ±(0.02%+3 digits)of setting ±0.01% -
Temperature Drift ±0.01% -
Lamp 2 pcs-8mm, 1 watt LED lamp, Xenon Flash Lamp
Special Functions External Triggers
Trigger Phase Adjustablebr
Timer function
Multiplier(x2) flasher, Divider(÷2) flasher
Three complete setup memory
Four speeds (Fast, Middle, Slow, Fine)
Adjustment for quick setting stability
Rotary speed adjustment
Fine-tune speed adjustment
External Triggers
Power Source AC 110V~240V / DC 5V 3A Adaptor AC100V, AC110V, AC220V, AC240V (Please indicate when ordering)
Power Consumption Approx. 4 watts Approx. 25 watts
Operating Temp 0~45℃ 0~50℃
Humidity Below 85% RH Below 85% RH
Dimensions / Weight 115 x 115 x 200mm (Excluding movable handle) / Approx. 1.5 KG
Standard Applications s Stroboscope, Lamp (built-in), AC power cord, Operation Manual
Optional Accessories Carrying case (DS-CASE), Replacement lamp DS-FT-01 (DS-FT-03 for DS-1000)

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice