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Accessories of Moisture Meter Kit series

Moisture Probes


※ Various types of measuring probe length can be customized needs.

Consuming parts

No.701P/S Electrode, L=15mm 10pcs/pack
No.701P/L Electrode, L=25mm 10pcs/pack
No.702B Bolt of Electrode 10pcs/pack
No.701P/E Electrode, L=100mm 2pcs/pack
No.701P/F Electrode, L=200mm 2pcs/pack
No.703M Protecting Cap 10pcs/pack
No.704M Protecting Cap 10pcs/pack
No.755C Plastic Carrying case for M700
No.766C Plastic Carrying case for M70-Kit
No.765C Pouch Case for M70
No.7019 AC Adaptor (110/220V)
No.7029 9V Batter y