RIXEN > TRH-3011

High Accuracy Temperature Transmitter

  • Fast, stable and accurate.
  • IP65 Watertight and dust-proof enclosure.
  • Compact size, easy mounting.
  • 12 ~40Vdc power in.
  • Current or voltage output.
  • Built in two point calibration.


Data collection, Cars, GPS, Greenhouse, Agriculture, Environmental monitoring…etc.

GP series Temperature probe

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  • GP-02-PT (STD)
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  • GP-06-PT
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  • GP-02-PS
TRH-3011A :
Current output Temperature Transmitter
TRH-3011V :
Voltage output Temperature Transmitter
Specifications of TRH-3011Please advise the specification of *option based on your individual needs.
Model No. TRH-3011
Measurement Range* -40 ~ +60℃ ※ Measuring range can be specified within -100~+250℃
Accuracy (at +25℃) ±0.3℃
Response Approx.15 seconds (90% at + 25℃ in moving air at 0.5 M/S)
Element GP series probe with water & dust proof ,stainless sensor head.
※length of the extension cable can be specified, Max.100m
Extension probe Curent Output (A Type): 4 to 20mA Two wire
Voltage Output (V Type): Temperature: 0 to 1Vdc, 0 to 5Vdc, 0 to 10Vdc RL>500Ω
Non-isolated three-wire type (ground shared)
Output* 12 ~ 36 Vdc, >150mA ※MAX. 40Vdc
Power Supply Tightly rotating round ABS enclosure, with waterproof and dust-proof structure (IP65).
Housing ※Screws and buckles are unnecessary
Connections Liquid-tight speedy cable and terminal block, cable bushing: 5.0 ~ 10 mm cables
Ambient Temperature -40 ~ +85℃ (-40 ~ +185℉)
Weight Approx. 150g(sensor excluded)
Dimensions (excludin sensor ) Host box: 90 x 54 (H) mm
Mounting Base with a fixed hole, The distance of fixed hole: 87 mm ± 1 mm
Approvals IP65, CE, RoHS

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice