USB Docking Station and Software

Features of DFC-201U:

  • Multiple graphs and statistics.
  • Real-time recording.
  • DAutomatic time synchronization.
  • Graphs customizable, Zoom in / Zoom out.
  • Digital calibration and deviation revision.
  • Manual start / Software start / Delay start.
  • °C / °F available.
  • Data table view.

Software Main Functions

  • Automatic search & Link: Search for Data-Logger and connect it to
    PC automatically. Displaying COM PORT with Build-in setting data.
  • Multi Functional Settings: Can be set of Alarm range, Deviation value,
    Sampling rate, Location registration, Delay start time, and Button start.
  • Real time: Display real time data while recording.
  • Data sheet: Display the Record period, Readings, Measured values and Related settings.
  • Statistics: Max./ Min./ Averages display.
  • Trend Line: Zoom in / Zoom out available, setting the desired timeframe to observe it.
  • Dew point calculation, convert to temperature unit
  • Data table view and annotation
  • Data Export: SExport internal data to .csv format, opening file via NOTEPAD & EXCEL® available.
  • Graphic Export: Export graphics to .bmp format

Software Main Functions

  • 201u_2.jpg
Ordering Information:
No. Model No. Descriptions
DFC-201U USB Docking station
DR-USB-S USB Flash Drive for software
& Manual
DR-USB-W USB computer interface cable
DR-1.04M User’s manual

Shape of DFC-201U:

  • Dimensions: 70×58×46mm (W×D×H)
  • 201u_3.jpg