RIXEN > M-700S

Soil Moisture Meter Kit

  • High accurate, Fast response.
  • Auto. Temp. Compensation.
  • Data-Hold, Max./Min.
  • Auto Power off.
  • Built-in calibration (CAL) function.
  • Drop/dust-proof, Long-term stability.


Soil, sands, Natural compost, Sawdust, pulps, building materials, Industrial sludge and Chemical fertilizers…etc.

Specifications of M-700S
Model No. M-700S
Measurement range ( % WME) 5.5 ~ 55.0%
Accuracy (at 25℃) ±3% (difference as the testing materials.)
Resolution 0.1%
Operating Range -10 ~ +50℃, < 90%RH (with Auto. temperature compensation)
Sampling rate Approx. 1 Sec
Main Functions Auto/manual turn off, Hold function, record maximum & minimum values,
Built-in calibration Function, low battery warning.
Power Supply One 9V Battery or AC Adaptor (option)
Display Digital LCD display with multi-functions
Battery Life Approx. 185 hours (continuation)
Dimensions Meter 168 × 73 × 33mm (6.6 × 3.0 × 1.3 inch)
Probe 8 × 150mm ※Length of probe is possible upon request.
Weight Approx. 180g, (6.3 oz) including battery
Accessories Soil moisture probe (No.7013)
Latching carrying case (No.755C)
One 9V battery
AC adaptor (Option)
Operation manual

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice