RIXEN > M70-D (Digital Type)

Digital Moisture Meter

The Instrument for measuring moisture content in materials.

  • Digital LCD display with back-light.
  • 5.5% to 99.9% range, 0~1V output.
  • Stored up to 99 readings.
  • 8 wood groups build in.
  • Max./ Min. Average values recalled.
  • Built-in calibration.
  • Changeable of extension probe.
  • CE and RoHS approved.


Wood, Bamboos, Building Materials, Leathers, Papers, Cloths, Ceramics, Cements, Powders, Foods…etc.

Specifications of M70-D
Model No. M70-D
Measuring Range 5.5 ~ 99.9% H O %WME
Resolution 0.1 %
Accuracy (at 25℃) ± 1% Wood scale
Display Multi-function LCD display with backlight
Sampling Rate 0.3 seconds
Wood group Scales 8 wood groups build in
Data memory 99 readings, with groups no
Signal output Analog DC 0 ~ 1V (10 mV / 1%), load > 250Ω
Calibration Built-in calibration adjustment
Functions ※Back-Light luminescence EL
※Data-Hold, Records Max./ Min. and Average values.(with groups No.)
※Manual / automatic power off
※Automatic temperature compensation
※Battery symbol and low power warning (with audible).
※Usable and changeable of extension probe
Power One 9 V (6F22) Battery, about 250 hours for continuing use
Ambient of Operating - 20° ~ + 55℃, < 90%RH, non-condensing
Dimensions / Weight 153 x 56 x 32mm. (6.0?x 2.2?x 1.26?), 155g ( 5.5ons) Including battery
Accessories No.7021 Pin type extension probe
No.701P/S Replacement electrodes
No.765C Pouch case
No.704M Protection cap
Instruction manual (with wood calibration table)

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice