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Integrated Hall Probes
  • SENIS Fully Integrated Probe is the only single-chip 3-axis Hall Probe with integrated amplifier on the world market
  • Very high spatial resolution for 2-axis & 3-axis magnetic field measurement in a single spot (0.15 x 0.01 x 0.15 mm3 ) with mutual orthogonality of sensing axes better than 0.1°
  • High Frequency Range (DC to 25KHz for 3-axis / DC to 75kHz for single axis)
  • High disturbance immunity
Typical Transducers to be used with these Hall Probes are:
F3A, F1A, I1A, I3A.
Hybrid Hall Probes
  • SENIS Hybrid Probes with discrete Hall Sensors
  • Ultra-Low Noise & Offset Fluctuations
  • Very high Linearity
  • Customizable Sensors Placement in the Probe
  • All Probes are available in different forms and dimensions
Typical Transducer to be used with these probes is: H3A.