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CS-02 Series - High Sensitivity Current Sensors
Miniature low current three-ranges sensors (0.25A/2.5A/10A), with high voltage isolation capability. Sensors of CS-02 Series are PCB mount current sensors with a magnetic shield and high performance linear effect Hall IC.
  • Low current - three ranges (0.25A to 10A)
  • High voltage isolation >4KV
  • Linear analog voltage output
  • Single 5V Power Supply
  • Low current consumption
  • Through Hole Mounting
  • Small Size
Available Configurations:
  • CS0.25A-02 - ±0.25A Fullscale, 10V/A Sensitivity, ±0.5% Accuracy
  • CS2.5A-02 - ±2.5A Fullscale, 1V/A Sensitivity, ±0.5% Accuracy
  • CS10.0A-02 - ±10.0A Fullscale, 0.25V/A Sensitivity, ±0.5% Accuracy
CS-03 Series - High Accuracy, High Sensitivity Current Sensor
Miniature low current four-ranges sensors (0.1A/0.2A/2A/8A) are high accuracy, high sensitivity sensors, with high voltage isolation capability. Sensors of CS-03 Series are PCB mount current sensors with a magnetic shield and high performance linear effect Hall IC.
BBM Series - Bus Bar Module current sensor
Bus Bar DC Current Sensor, with two magnetic field sensors on each side of current bus bar. This dual sensors configuration enables cancelation of external magnetic fields without magnetic cores or shielding.
  • Very compact and low profile mechanical package
  • Custom design bus bar geometries possible
  • Single +5V Power Supply at less than 25mA
  • High Level 0V ± 4V differential linear signal output
  • Signal output electrically isolated from primary Bus Bar
  • DC Currents
  • Clean recovery from very high overload (to 100y nominal current)
Applications include Power Electronics, Motor & Generator Control, Electromechanical Systems, Battery Charging, Transit & Off Road Vehicles.
CM Series - 3-channel Current Monitor
The CM Series current monitors provide isolated voltage signal outputs for DC or AC currents in three primary current channels.
  • Three Primary Current Channels
  • Three Analog Output of Primary AC and DC Current
  • High Dielectric Isolation > 5kVrms
  • DIN Rail Package
The Senis Current Monitor is a three channel current sensing module which demonstrates the use of the Sentron CSA-1VG Hall Effect magnetic sensor IC to monitor DC or AC currents in three adjacent conductors.
Clamp-On Direct-Current MicroAmmeter
The MicroAmmeter can measure the absolute value of DC currents, or the difference of two DC currents, in the range of 10A to 10mA, without cutting off the current carrying conductor(s). The front-end of the MicroAmmeter is a clamp-on toroidal ferro-magnetic core with an air gap, in which the Hall elements of a differential Hall magnetometer is inserted. The system includes a demagnetization circuit and a PC software for data acquisition and visualization.