OMEGA > Data Acquisition


  Programmable Logic   Controllers(PLC)

  • Portable PCL for test labs
  • Advanced high performance fixed I/O PLC system




  • Data acquisition and control software
  • Direct to EXCEL software
  • Serial Communications software
  • Presentation and analysis software


    Communications based systems

  • High performance DIN Rail signal conditioners
  • USB based data acquisition systems
  • High performance, portable and industrial data acquisition systems
  • Miniature, low-cost parallel port data acquisition systems
  • OMEGAPHONE sensors with integral modem
  • Modular digital transmitter
  • Intelligent RS-232 data switch
  • RTU Radio telemetry systems


  A/D & Multifunction Plug-In cards

  • Data acquisition
  • Thermocouple measurement cards
  • PCI Bus A/D and Multifunction cards
  • PCMCIA A/D and Multifunction cards
  • ISA Bus A/D and Multifunction cards
  • Digital Multimeter cards


  D/A, Digital I/O and   Communications   Cards

  • Analog output cards for the PCMCIA,PCI and ISA Bus
  • Digital I/O and counter/timer cards for the PCMCIA, PCI and ISA Bus
  • IEEE-488 controllers and serial communications boards for the PCMCIA,PCI and ISA Bus



  • Compact portable datalogger
  • High performance and industrial portable logging systems



  Automatic Alarm Dialers and Alarm   Monitoring   Systems

  • Automatic voice alarm dialer
  • Rugged automatic alarm dialer
  • Intelligent system for automatic control and communication
  • Environmental Monitoring and automatic alarm dialer system
  • Economical automatic alarm dialer system
  • Automatic dialing remote monitoring systems



  Communications Products and   Converters

  • Serial to IEEE-4888 converters
  • Isolated RS-232/RS-485 converter
  • Short Haul Modems
  • RS-232/RS-485 converter/repeater
  • Intelligent RS-232 data switch
  • Radio telemetry systems
  • Surge suppressors and cables