HEINA > Drop Tester DT3000s

High-class drop testing
Heina’s Drop Tester is used to test the breakage of various small items and components.
Operating principles
The item to be tested is attached to the suction pads of the machine and dropped from height of 600-3000 mm.

The dropping tray guides the item down towards the base in a right angle. With our Drop Tester you can also attach a high frequency video camera to the equipment in order to verify what actually happens, when the tested item hits the base of the machine.

The Drop Tester is conformable to the European Machine Directive 89/392 and its amendments 91/368, 93/44 and 93/68.

Technical specifications

Width: 1200 mm
Height: 3350 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Engine power: 0.25 KW
Air supply / Air Flow: 6 bar / 150 l/min
Electrical supply: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Machine weight: 300 kg
Max item weight: 1 kg
CE-marking: Yes
Drop platform: Concrete block 400 x 400 x 50 mm

Special features

  • Innovative tumbler construction
  • Steady aluminium frame, acryl windows
  • Safety gate, roof and electronic door lock
  • Easy installation and silent operation
  • Programmable counter
  • Easy access to product for inspection
  • CE-marking
  • Five memory banks for different programs
  • Programmable rotation direction


Drop Tester must not be used to test explosive objects or such objects which at breaking release hazardous gases that may cause a health risk to the user or the surroundings.